Blazer Brass 9mm

October 25, 2012 in Ammunition

9MM Ammo

Blazer BrassWhen it comes to 9mm bullets, there are several to choose from.  In this post I am going to focus in on one of the types, that is very affordable and used mostly for plinking.  That is the Federal CCI Blazer Brass 9mm 115 grain FMJ.  I have put over 500 of these rounds through my Springfield XD and haven’t had any to date that have jammed or given me any problems at all.

Blazer Brass is affordable ammunition, available here, that doesn’t give up quality or reliability as some of the other budget ammunition does.  CCI is well known in the shooting industry for having quality, reliable products that shooters can take with them to the range and not have to worry about malfunctions.

Budget Ammo

The blazer brass line was created to help shooters get to the range more and not get frustrated with jams, or other ill 9mm ammoeffects to their weapons.  The brass ammo, although not as cheap as the blazer offered in steel or aluminum, still gives you that chance, while not giving up accuracy or quality.  The brass cases will be more reliable in certain firearms than the aluminum cased ammunition.

Reloading CCI Blazer Brass

Since the CCI Blazer Brass is brass, and features boxer primers, the case is able to be reloaded. There is a big warning on the box that states that you are responsible for your own reloads, not the manufacturer, but that goes with any reloading.

Blazer Ammunition Ballistics




Muzzle Energy ft/lbs.

Muzzle Velocity ft/sec.

9mm FMJ 115 356 1180

This chart shows the ballistics information of this particular round.  As you can see the round offers you very good muzzle velocity and energy.


The blazer brass 9mm is good quality ammunition for plinking, without breaking the bank.  I think it is a smart choice, one that I recommend, to help us get more range time for less money!  So be sure to go here to get a case of it today!