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July 22, 2012 in Range Bags

Cabelas Competition Series Range BagOur high-end range bags come fully packed with all the cleaning tools and supplies shooters need to keep their firearms in peak condition. Use them for convenient carry to the range or on your travels. Both bags have three exterior pockets for…

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Range Bag; What To Consider

Range Bags

The very first thing to consider when looking at buying a range bag is, what all do I take to the range with me.  This will help you determine the size of the bag you are going to need.  There are many different sizes in bags, and if you are going to do a little pistol shooting then all you more than likely need is a small bag to keep some hearing protection, glasses, and a little extra ammo in.  However, if you plan to spend the whole day at the range with multiple weapons, you probably need to look into a larger bag with several compartments to store a lot of stuff in.  Bulldog range bag offers bags in small, medium, and large.  Click here to check them out. Read the rest of this entry →

Range Gear

May 2, 2012 in Range Gear

Range Gear

In this post I am going to go over some of the basic items that you can take to the range with you.  There are however a lot more items that you can take but these are the essentials, not a die hard stick to this list. Read the rest of this entry →