EOTech 512

February 17, 2013 in Scopes

EOTech 512 Review

The eotech 512 offers amazing quality and durability that any person would want.  Holographic weapons sights should be highly considered by any gun owner.  They offer extremely fast target acquisition, and sights like the eotech 512 sight are very accurate to boot.  Coupled with a weapon light, could prove to be a dangerous combination for night time hunting.

These holographic sights have been used by fighter pilots, military and police units for years and have been very effective.  They are tough even in the roughest conditions.

Eotech 512 is fully submersible to 10 feet, showing that nothing can get in to stop this sight.  It mounts on a picatinny rail, found on most modern forends, and has return to zero after remounting.

This sight has a run time of 1,000 continuous hours on lithium batteries, and up to 600 hours on two AA batteries.  That will help to ensure that you will not have to worry about rushing out and forgetting to check the batteries in you sight. The eo tech 512 is appoximately 5″long X 1.8″wide X 2.25″tall, and weighs 11.5 oz. I think this is a perfect sight to mount on your AR for those quick shots that we all love to take.

In perspective, you should be able to carry this scope in your rangebag, mount it when you get to the range, and shoot like crazy, with little to no adjustment at all. I don’t know how many other scopes can say that.

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