Gun Safes

June 6, 2012 in Safes and Security

Cannon Safe
Loaded with features to keep firearms and other valuables secure, including a massive, frame-reinforced 1 double-steel/composite door; 1 active-locking bolts; a commercial-grade electronic lock protected by three layers of extra-hard steel plating…

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Gun Safes

Gun SafeThere are several options to look at when deciding on the correct gun safe for you and your house.  From various sizes, types, and styles.  I think the most important thing to look at is the type and style of safe; most people will know what size they need to get according to the number of guns they have.

Fireproof Safe

I wanted to go into this category of safes first, mostly because a lot of the different styles of gun safes can be fire proof.  Fireproof safes are gun safes which can withstand, depending on rating, a fire for a specified duration and not hurt any of the contents inside.  For example, a common rating could be fire resistant for 30 minutes at up to 1400 F.

According to statistics, there is a 1 in 4 chance that a fire department will have to put out a fire at your home in your lifetime.  Although people spend a lot of time and money on firearms, it is just not something that they are going to rush back into a burning house to save.

Biometric Gun Safe

Biometric gun safe, also known as fingerprint gun safes, offers added security against break-ins.  This technology is amazing in that it uses your fingerprint as the key to your safe.  This not only makes it nearly impossible for thieves to break into your safe, it also allows you quicker access in case of an emergency.

If you are in a self-defense situation, picture turning a number dial and hoping you don’t get flustered versus just putting your hand on the safe and having it pop open.  I would think that the advantages of this in a situation would far outweigh price of not going with this option.

Wall Safes

Wall safes can be a much more permanent solution for your weapons.  You can have your guns stored safely into a safe and you can also disguise or hide the front of that safe, making it even harder for someone to find.  Wall safes, as with any of the rest can range in a variety of sizes, from a couple of square feet for your pistols to even walk-in rooms that store all of your guns.


There are so many varieties of safes that you can go with.  The key is to think about how many guns you would like to store, that way you know how big to go for.  Next you can decide on whether you want to go for a fireproof safe or not.  Then determine the type of lock that you would like to have on it, whether it be a standard number dial or a high-tech biometric locking system.  After that, it all comes down to whether you think you need to go with a top of the line safe for your thousands of dollars of pistols and rifles or if you are going to opt for cheap gun safes to put your couple of old hunting rifles in.

I am going to be going a lot more in depth on different safes, not only types but I will recommend some good brands that are very trustworthy so stay tuned and check back often.