Magpul CTR

December 15, 2012 in Stocks and Grips

Magpul CTR Stock

Magpul CTRThe Magpul CTR is a very nice upgrade for your AR project.  It is an adjustable stock that has a double locking mechanism, which takes all of the “wiggle-jiggle” out of the stock for a very nice solid stock.  The following are some of the features and benefits that I have found when using this stock.  If you are already convinced you can click here to buy it now or if you still need some information, keep reading.


The CTR Stock comes ready to mount on either mil-spec or commercial-spec sized carbine receiver extension tubes from manufacturers such as, Bushmaster, DPMS, & Olympic on the commercial-spec and manufacturers such as Colt, Armalite, S&W & LMT for the mil-spec.

Magpul CTR stock also has a supplemental friction lock which helps to decrease wobble which hurts accuracy.  This locking setup is very quick and easy to engage.  The slider lock, which is shielded to prevent snagging and accidental operation, has to be in one of the 6 positions, then you can quickly and easily engage the secondary lock.

Magpul CTR-Earth


There are side mounting slots which accept optional cheek risers for added comfort and fit.  It also has a replaceable extended rubber butt pad offering an anti slip surface while maintaining increased impact protection.

Sling Mounts

The rear of this stock has a push button QD swivel mount that can accommodate up to 1.5″ swivels, which are ambidexterous.  The rear/bottom has 1.25″ sling loops for most size slings to fit through.  The toe of the Magpul CTR stock kit has a lanyard hole for custom para-cord rigs, offering you a lot of options.

Optional Accessories

Cheek RiserThe Magpul CTR stock has a few different accessories you can get as options.  The first is a rubber butt pad, which is 0.30″ thick, offering you a slimmer version of the stock 0.50″ stock butt pad.  Next is the enhanced rubber butt pad, is 0.70″ thick, giving you added protection against recoil from heavier calibers.

There are also different size cheek risers offered, 0.25″, 0.50″, & 0.75″, giving you several options for comfort with the Magpul CTR stock.

Note: Be sure before ordering the Magpul CTR that you verify whether you have the mil-spec or commercial-spec sized carbine receiver extension tube, because one will not fit on the other.

Magpul CTR-On GunCommon Questions about the Magpul CTR Stock Kit

Question 1:  What do I measure to see if it is a Mil spec or commercial lower for the AR 15 build?
Answer 1:  The add-on Receiver Extension Tube should ether be 1.145 inch (MIL/SPEC) or 1.167 (Commercial) diameter.

Question 2: What about sling swivel attachment options on this stock ? Does it come with a quick detach swivel mounting hole? I thought it had one, but it is not mentioned in the description. How about a toe mount?
Answer 2:  The CTR does have a QD attachment point. The hole at the toe is not a sling attachment point. The slots are the sling attachment points.

Question 3: Does this come with the buffer tube and associated parts?
Answer 3: This item is just the stock, no associated parts are included.


So in closing the Magpul CTR is another great option from magpul that offers you a very secure feeling stock, that is fully adjustable and completely lockable for a nice wobble free feel.  So be sure to head over and get yours today by clicking here!

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