Range Gear

May 2, 2012 in Range Gear

Range Gear

In this post I am going to go over some of the basic items that you can take to the range with you.  There are however a lot more items that you can take but these are the essentials, not a die hard stick to this list.

Range Bag

First thing you need when headed to the range is a bag, cause lets face it, how else are you going to get all your goodies out there.  There are literally hundreds of different bags to choose from so I will not go into detail about them in this post. I will suggest that you take the size of the bag you think you need and get one that is about 25% larger, just in case!!!  Whichever way you go just be sure it has enough space to carry what you want to take.

Now depending on the nature of your visit to the range, will determine what all you need to take.  Some things that you can take no matter what your trip involves could be as simple as hearing protection, shooting glasses, shooting gloves, and  obviously a few targets.  Now to save this from being a novel I will save the rants of each individual item I review in their own individual posts. Trust me you’ll thank me later.

Let’s say you are heading to the range to do some extensive load testing, you are going to need a few more things to take with you.  For extensive testing you are going to need a chronograph. There are a few models out there and if I don’t yet I will have reviews of what I think are some of the more reliable ones.  You can click here to find the list of reviews I have for them.

Another thing you need to get more accurate shots, is a rest. Thre are a lot of people that will just use sandbags for this, but I like to have more adjustability. Check here and you can find some different adjustable rests, if that is the way you want to go.

The last thing, but one of the most important is a shooting table. Now a lot of ranges already have shooting tables, but let’s face it, there are still a lot that do not and it would open up several more spots for you to shoot right? So check in and see which ones I have reviewed.

Thanks for listening and be sure to check back often for more!