Types of Scopes for your Guns

April 21, 2012 in Scopes

Types of Scopes for your Guns

To keep this post simple I will just describe a couple different types of scopes very broadly, but with enough detail you will know what the basic ideas of these scopes are. You can find links to each of these and in those links I will get a lot more detailed and involved in each different type of scope.

Just to clear some rumors, so everyone knows just because you put a scope on your gun doesn’t mean that your bullet will hit in the exact same place every single time. There are limits to ammunition, shooter, etc. It is impossible to put every single bullet into the exact same hole. There are just to many variables. However a scope will help you to provide a much more accurate shot and get a lot closer to that goal. Let’s face it, that is what everyone wants to do.

Cross-Hair Scope

Let’s start by looking at some of the basic types of scopes. So first off you have the simple cross-hair scope, although there are many variations, we will just assume a basic cross-hair in this post. Red dot scopes are another type that is very widely used. It obviously has a red illuminated dot in the middle of the scope versus the standard cross hairs. There are also holographic scopes; these are very good whenever you need to get onto a target very quickly.

The cross-hair scope is just like it sounds; it is a magnified scope that has cross hairs in the middle of it. You calibrate the scope with your individual gun and wherever you put the cross-hairs is where your bullet will end up. These types of scopes can be used on any type of gun you choose. That being said it is probably the most popular of the scopes that I am discussing in this post. This scope also has the most variations when it comes to magnification power and styles of cross-hair combination that you can get with it. If you decide you are looking for one of these, but not sure exactly which combination to choose, click here and I will go into a lot more detail.

Red Dot Scope

The red dot scope can be either magnified or not magnified, and instead of cross-hairs going across the scope it uses a battery powered illuminated red dot to acquire your shot. This scope is not offered in near as many combinations as the cross-hair scope but there are still several options. I have seen this scope used on a lot of weapons from pistols, rifles, and even on cross-bows. With that I think that the red dot scopes are very versatile. Check here for more details on the red dot scopes.

Holographic Sights

Now holographic sights are a little different, they are not a tubular type scope like the other two. They have a laser which is used to transmit different images onto a glass window for fast alignment of your target. These are used a lot on pistols and shotguns for very fast target acquisition.

These are some of the different types of scopes that are most commonly used. I know that these are very general explanations of these scopes and that there are all types of variations of each one of these which I will cover in detail in each individual section. You can check with this post on holographic scopes where I go into a little more detail about the ins and outs of them.

Thanks for listening and I hope this helps.